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Regarding Dentistry Healther You

Want to look and feel healthier? Start with your teeth!

Having straight teeth can positively contribute to a healthier lifestyle, both inside and out. Research shows there are strong ties between dental health care and overall health. Periodontal disease has been linked to higher rates of serious health conditions. Taking care of your oral health can lower your risk of pancreatic and blood cancers, heart disease, and support prostate health. Continue reading to learn how having straight teeth can make you healthier.

5 Ways Straight Teeth Make You Healthier:

  1. Promote overall health: Straight teeth help the dental soft tissue fit more securely around the teeth, creating the strongest defense against periodontal problems.  Gingivitis directly relates to a host of health conditions, such as respiratory and heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.
  2. Improve self-esteem: Confidence in your dental health and appearance leads to more frequent smiles.  Smiling reduces stress while improving cognition, self-esteem, and joyful disposition.
  3. Easier to clean: Straight teeth are easier to keep healthy.  Crowded teeth are more difficult to brush and floss effectively, which may lead to increased plaque and tooth decay.
  4. Reduce pain and improve function: Crooked teeth place excessive stress on the gums and bones which support the teeth.  This can be a sign of jaw misalignment, which can lead to chronic headaches as well as face or neck pain. Crooked teeth are incorrectly aligned causing inefficient chewing over time.
  5. Lower the risk of dental injury: Crowded, protruding upper teeth are more likely to be broken in the event of an accident.

Regarding Dentistry offers an innovative orthodontic treatment option, utilizing Clear Aligner Therapy. Guests who suffer from crowded teeth, over and under bites, or irregular spacing are candidates to complete orthodontic treatment discreetly. The transformation works by wearing custom-fit, laser-trimmed trays which shift the teeth gradually over time. The aligners are comfortable and nearly invisible. Additionally, treatment is frequently completed within mere months. Achieving straight teeth is attainable at nearly any age, even later in life.

Call Regarding Dentistry at 952.213.3477 to make the first step to discovering a healthier, happier smile you love. For more information on clear aligners, visit our Clear Aligners Services page.